Social Media Manegement

Social Media Management

I first started working in social media and content creation for a small company in the healthcare industry back in 2017, and have been doing it ever since. 

After my experience in social media at this company, I wanted develop my skills and knowledge, and completed a masters in Digital Marketing Management, which I graduated with distinction. 

Social media is different for every person and every company, so I work with you and get to know every aspect of your business, to create a tailor made social media strategy. 

My social media strategies aim to increase your brand awareness, and overall consumer engagement. 

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Take the next step with Instagram

My main social media platform of focus is Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion active monthly users.

As well as creating, monitoring and managing Instagram accounts for several clients, I created an instagram account dedicated to LJS Creative in October 2020. In just two months, I managed to build up a follower base of 1k people, and huge engagement rates. And this is not slowing down! Now, 5 months on from creating the page, it is nearing 2k followers.

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What I do 

I design, write content, schedule and monitor posts across all of your social media channels. Everything I post stands out, is attractive and engaging, and is tailored to get the best out of each individual social media platform.

I carry out an in-depth audience analysis, to tailor your social media strategy to get the best out of it. This includes targeting posts to appeal to your audience, and posting at prime times for you, to get maximum engagement. 

I will also monitor and adjust your social media strategy, engage with your audience and reply to comments and queries, and build up a community with similar accounts.